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Team Nicollet 30 Days of Cycling Rules:

Strava data is gathered once per hour at the half hour.
If you don't see your name listed below, be sure you have given us permission to get your strava data.

Name123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930 TotalName
Jeff Adams4. A
jon andersen000000000000000000000000000000out0jon a
Amanda Anez42. A
Kristin Ashland3. A
Strava Athlete000000000000000000000000000000out0Strav A
Shawn Bagley000000000000000000000000000000out0Shawn B
James Ball13.3245.676.17.39.52115.410.29.59.910.210.610. B
Jon Barbeau000000000000000000000000000000out0Jon B
Shannon Barke000000000000000000000000000000out0Shann B
Shannon Barke2. B
Aaron Baxa4.424. B
Lori Blackwell5. B
crista bohlmann2. b
Zachary Brooks000000000000000000000000000000out0Zacha B
Zach Brooks612. B
Aaron Buege3. B
Sharee Buell000000000000000000000000000000out0Share B
Sharee Buell3.27.60000000000000000000000000000out10.8Share B
Jenny Burns000000000000000000000000000000out0Jenny B
Lucy Busch000000000000000000000000000000out0Lucy B
Joseph BUTZER2. B
Chris Coopman 3.135.321.310. C
Kenzie Corrow7. C
Alex Covarrubia3. C
Jeremy Crampton8. C
Derek Dauer4. D
Drew Dauer52. D
Becky Davis3.724.918.314.64.540. D
Leonard Dawley7.9256. D
Brad Erickson10.740.213.48.722.61929.829.94710.811.326.618. E
Roxy Fit2. F
T.G. Flunker πŸ1520.38.51110.25.321.115.71113.1132.8133.115511.710. F
Peggy Flynn015.719.820.500152415.721.218.717.421.915.5009.219.9015.40013.321.38.111.421.1019.20out344.3Peggy F
Mike Flynn011.720.121.1006.2016.909.115.621.915.300014.207.30018.208.1012.1000out197.8Mike F
Doug Forster000000009.9023.50042.300001118.520.813.9000031.1000out171Doug F
Kellie French2.22.12.1222. F
Namaste Geek0000004.50006.508.78.700000000000010.8000out39.2Namas G
Chris Goettl15. G
Julie Gronewold6.416166.46.37.520.116.115401129.412.810. G
Joanie Hausladen222. H
John Hausladen2.1210.22.1132. H
Matt Hausladen2. H
Tom Hawkins13.513. H
Roy Hendrickso2.12.50000000000000000000000000000out4.6Roy H
Aldean Hendrickso2. H
Jack Hoban3.63.9222. H
Theo Horn2. H
Jon Isenberg2.1222. I
Marisa Isenberg2. I
Anna Isenberg2. I
Brendan Isenberg22. I
Liz Johnson1724. J
Hannah Johnson2. J
David Jones5.400000000004. J
Jennifer Jones5. J
Tessa Kalm22.42.1000000000000000000000000000out6.5Tessa K
Caleb Kalm220000000000000000000000000000out4Caleb K
Izzy Kalm22. K
Isabel Kalm000000000000000000000000000000out0Isabe K
Jackie Karsten3. K
Kelly Kauss2. K
Lo Keller15.840.98.12.611.31537. K
Katie Klancher6.722. K
Trevor Kontak3.306.5000009.33.700000000000000000000out22.8Trevo K
Mark Kral2. K
Brady Larson11. L
Kathy Leggett5. L
Lyle Leggett5. L
Levi Leskey400000000000000000000000000000out4Levi L
tom little2. l
Kate Loging2. L
Paul M7. M
Ann McHale37. M
Jessica McNamara2. M
Andrew McNamara2.632. M
Cameron Moore51.151.7019.835.7019.9030.90000032.9026.80190039.866.9019.8021.5016.954.5out507.2Camer M
Mal Murphy000000000000000000000000000000out0Mal M
Barry Muzan2.715.511.78.412.611.21112.811.311.412.614.19.510.83.318.38.411.711.111.511.29.923.117.41311.9812.311.724.4362.8Barry M
Clara Oachs2. O
Dan Oachs5.69.313.629.619.927.637.55.437.814.612.43.320.420.210.434.621. O
Dave Oachs4.98.39.812.78.412.629.25.410.613.82.96.626.12915.110.120.73315.115.116.710.324.723.63.415.325.915.121.416.2462Dave O
Rylan Oachs2. O
Joel Oltman3. O
Cheryl Oltman3. O
Mickie Papp4.74.30000000000000000000000000000out9Micki P
William Pass20.119.414. P
Justin Pederson0012.60016.4060.3034.617.6010.7000019000000015.800152out204Justi P
Darwin Reicks10.212.312.310.310.610.210.417.223.51413.113.524.320.610. R
Rod Reifsteck2. R
Justin Rinehart2040.140.32.912.848.423.74.455.242.515.818.49.516.72.2312.321.415. R
Jenna Rinehart0026.735.130.85223.440.155.291.7030.135.851.40045.117.5020.920.773.2036.633.835.557029.2108.1out949.9Jenna R
Eric Rodewald5. R
Josh Rucker3. R
Chris Rucker723.5222.22.23.443. R
Jacob Rucker8.822.322.12.42.825. R
Holly Rudolf3. R
Anthony Schaffer5. S
Jim Schindle43213.613.414.3015.1019.50024.7030000000000006600024.5out257.1Jim S
Tanya Schwamberg2. S
Charley Serrill329.233.614.513.1363.937. S
Jayden Siegle38.833. S
Bo Sill4. S
Jayden Skilbred3. S
Tyson Smith4. S
Jessy Snow20. S
Eli Stoll00000006.303.400000000000000000000out9.7Eli S
Adam Strand2.332.72.507033.226.411.76.200000013.7000012.30000022.40out143.4Adam S
Travis Studer2. S
Curtis Tesch9. T
Brian Tesch2. T
Ryan Tesch3.910. T
Jason Thate3. T
Stephanie Thull5.910. T
Tobias Turbes2. T
Tobias Twait2. T
Jonathan Urban416. U
Diane W3. W
cindy winters6. w
Wiborg Wobble5. W
Kyle Wolke3. W
Doug Wood7.810.712. W
Corey Wright2.6000000000004.900000000000000000out7.5Corey W
Austin Wuebker2.604.30000006.68.710.73.900000000000000000out36.8Austi W

Total Participants: 123
Total Out: 49
Total Miles: 22253.8

People still in: Jeff Adams, Amanda Anez, James Ball, Aaron Baxa, Lori Blackwell, crista bohlmann, Zach Brooks, Chris Coopman , Alex Covarrubias, Jeremy Crampton, Derek Dauer, Drew Dauer, Becky Davis, Leonard Dawley, Brad Erickson, Roxy Fit, T.G. Flunker πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡΅πŸ‡·, Chris Goettl, Julie Gronewold, Joanie Hausladen, John Hausladen, Matt Hausladen, Tom Hawkins, Theo Horn, Jon Isenberg, Marisa Isenberg, Anna Isenberg, Brendan Isenberg, Liz Johnson, Hannah Johnson, Jennifer Jones, Jackie Karsten, Kelly Kauss, Lo Keller, Katie Klancher, Kathy Leggett, Lyle Leggett, Paul M, Ann McHale, Jessica McNamara, Andrew McNamara, Barry Muzan, Clara Oachs, Dan Oachs, Dave Oachs, Rylan Oachs, Joel Oltman, Cheryl Oltman, William Pass, Darwin Reicks, Rod Reifsteck, Justin Rinehart, Eric Rodewald, Josh Rucker, Chris Rucker, Jacob Rucker, Anthony Schaffer, Tanya Schwamberger, Charley Serrill, Jayden Siegle, Bo Sill, Jayden Skilbred, Tyson Smith, Jessy Snow, Curtis Tesch, Ryan Tesch, Stephanie Thull, Tobias Turbes, Tobias Twait, Diane W, cindy winters, Wiborg Wobble, Kyle Wolke, Doug Wood,