Team Nicollet 30 Days of Cycling Rules:

Strava data is gathered once per hour at the half hour.
If you don't see your name listed below, be sure you have given us permission to get your strava data.

Name123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930 TotalName
Dan Oachs2.542.4432.28.510.74.3711. O
Charles Wolf13.625.818.611.233.512.67842.424.341.549.542. W
Jenna Rinehart25.62.2007.827.511.843.30017.116.8001125.40000029.250.317.515.2017.725.557.334.6out435.8Jenna R
A c a c i A13. c a A
Andy Foster26.244.611.83.42.310. F
Adam Schenck00000000000000000000000010.900000out10.9Adam S
Amanda Anez12. A
Joseph Rstom8.813.82.113.91413.326.519.305.39.413.58.201.510.510.620.610.500010.211.910.521.27.232.3015.2out310.3Josep R
David Sieberg3. S
Eric Rodewald2. R
Tammy Arnsdorf2.52.422. A
William Pass10.418.610.1212021.740.311.315.140.312.135.310.210.310.320.250.410.410.650.1060.230.439.633. P
Becky Davis3.516.11513.317.75.23.429.830.242.731.142.313.16.310.330.242.611.320.343.8100.8101.347.42.656.113.950.24.9103.555.1964Becky D
Donovan Bremer8. B
Scott Brunson2. B
Maximillian Pagel00000000000000000000000000000.30out0.3Maxim P
Jolleen Eng2.72.622. E
Julia Boese Bremer3.152.61013. B
Russ Reed40. R
Chris Selchow7. S
emmy novak000000000000000000000000000000out0emmy n
Lee Zettler3431.416.928.728.64.379.56.54.329.931.743.44.118.730.744.650.627.345.99.983.652.211.741.91939.519.444.357.131970.7Lee Z
Ryan Stringfiel59.30000079.4000025.80000000080.731.1025.1029.8071.859.80out462.8Ryan S
lisa p20.232.58.91837. p
Brian Tesch2. T
Jason Thate4.523.322.100000004. T
Larry Buller000000000000000000000000000000out0Larry B
Mike Davis2. D
Daniel Marell000000000000000000000000000041.70out41.7Danie M
Rebecca Bedore0000000000032.800000000000000010.120.10out63Rebec B
Amy Wagner06.602.8005.900000000000000600000000out21.3Amy W
Curtis tesch3. t
Cody Webber2. W
John Hausladen2. H
Mike Busch19.45.714.113.48.714.821.419. B
Emily Flynn16.620.533.32.813.225.435.318.214.836.115.311.416.340.7146.826.530. F
Sharee Buell5. B
dean barott4.62.60000000000000000000200000000out9.2dean b
Jordan Wesely43. W
Randy Peterson4. P
Arlo Zander2. Z
kaye.wilkin wilking2.2322. w
Jason Rupnow36.8375. R
Douglas Bristol000000020.100010.110.1000015.131.90025.200027.40012.30out152.2Dougl B
Bill Sabol4. S
Kenzie Corrow8. C
Matthew Menze35.611.48.923.521. M
Ryan Tesch2. T
Jason Weinandt5. W
Rylan Oachs2. O
Aviv Chetrit733.22.611. C
Pat Morris8.15.544. M
Phillip Just10.713.19.417.523.521.210.622.10000000048013.126.3028.7033.14.818.510.555.2102.917.5out486.7Phill J
Rick B33. B
Elizabeth Weinandt4. W
Bex D2.72.42.100000000000000000006.1000010.600out23.9Bex D
K Wolf4.72.42.2222. W
Sampson DeMiller2. D
Justin Rinehart25. R
Lee Hewitt3. H
Zach Brooks3. B
julie larsen19.612.356. l
Tobias Turbes7. T
Jade Rezmerski000000000000000000000000000000out0Jade R
Andrew Ferguson2.5200000000014.2000000000030.30023.300140out86.3Andre F
Steve Pottenger16. P
Kate Loging7. L
tom little2. l
crista bohlmann2.62.622. b
Chastity Schultz2.52.4242. S
Jon Grinnell8. G
Nathan Lee4. L
Paul Mehltrette3. M
Kim Mehltrette2. M
Theresa Crozier3. C
Hannah Thompson3. T
Veronika Hewitt3. H
jane carlstrom09.911.515.7195.426.16.529.5028.70005.6040.30012000919020.20023out281.4jane c
Mike Davey17.22.774.711.2166.44.2021.422.629.7000000000023.620.300032.3230out242.3Mike D
Brady Bisel000000000000000000000000000000out0Brady B

Total Participants: 80
Total Out: 35
Total Miles: 16968.7

People still in: Dan Oachs, Charles Wolf, Amanda Anez, David Sieberg, Eric Rodewald, Tammy Arnsdorf, Becky Davis, Donovan Bremer, Jolleen Eng, Chris Selchow, Lee Zettler, lisa p, Brian Tesch, Mike Davis, Curtis tesch, Cody Webber, John Hausladen, Emily Flynn, Sharee Buell, Jordan Wesely, wilking, Jason Rupnow, Bill Sabol, Kenzie Corrow, Matthew Menze, Ryan Tesch, Jason Weinandt, Rylan Oachs, Aviv Chetrit, Pat Morris, Elizabeth Weinandt, K Wolf, Sampson DeMiller, Justin Rinehart, Lee Hewitt, Zach Brooks, Kate Loging, tom little, crista bohlmann, Chastity Schultz, Paul Mehltretter, Kim Mehltretter, Theresa Crozier, Hannah Thompson, Veronika Hewitt,